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Children of Noel Morin & Helene Desportes

Noel Morin, Signeur de Saint Luc, was the oldest and most known of the Morins who settled in New France. He was also the father of the largest of all lines existing in America.

All 12 children of Noel and Helene were born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where they were baptized at Notre Dame Cathedral between 1641 and 1656. They were Agnes, Germain, Louis, Nicholas, Jean Baptiste, Marguerite, Helene, Marie, Alphonse, Noel, Charles and Marie Madeleine. Marguerite died in the cradle; Helene, Noel and Charles died during adolescence; and Nicholas was 23 years old when he died.

Two sons added to Morin the "dit" names of Valcourt (Alphonse) and Rochebelle (Jean-Baptiste). The Valcourt name is commemorated by a rock located in the vicinity of Montmagny.

We are descended from Alphonse through Wilfred J. Morin and Agnes through Wildred's mother Julie L. Lareau.

AGNES MORIN was born 21 January 1641 and died 31 August 1687. She married our ancestor, Nicholas Gaudrey (known as Bourbonnier) in 1653. After his death on 22 Jun 1669, Agnes remarried in 1671 to Ignace Bonhomme (known as Beaupre).

GERMAIN MORIN was born 14 January 1642 and died 20 August 1702. He attended the Petit Seminary of Quebec and was the first native of the country to become a priest on 29 September 1665. At first secretary to Msgr de laval, he served as missionary at Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre. He died at the Hotel-Dieu of Quebec on 20 August 1702.

LOUISE MORIN was born 27 April 1643 and died 29 April 1713. She married Charles Cloutier in 1659.

NICHOLAS MORIN was born 26 April 1644 and died in 1667.

JEAN-BAPTISTE MORIN-ROCHEBELLE was born 25 May 1645 and died 11 December 1689. He first married Marie-Anne Firman, the daughter of a lawyer of the Great Council at the Parliament of Paris. In 1667, he married Catherine de Belleau, daughter of Francois, sior of Contigny and Anne de Breda. He was part of the Sovereign council of New France.

MARGUERITE MORIN was born 29 September 1646 and died 17 October 1646.

HELENE MORIN was born 19 March 1649 and died 9 May 1661.

MARIE MORIN, goddaughter of Louis d'Ailleboust, Sieur de Coulonges, was born 19 May 1649 and died 8 April 1730. At the age of 13 and at the request of the bishop of Quebec, she joined the Nursing Sisters from La Fleche at Ville-Marie. She was the first Canadian woman to take the veil at Montreal in 1663. In honor of the Nursing Sisters of Saint-Joseph de France, she wrote the Annals of the Hotel-Dieu of Montreal, a priceless treasure in the understanding of history. She died on 9 April 1730.

Our ancestor ALPHONSE MORIN-VALCOURT was born 12 December 1650 and died 29 August 1711. He married first to Marie-Madeleine Normand in 1670 and later to ANGELIQUE DESTROIMASONS. Alphonse was the only one, with his 15 children, to pass on the family name of Morin and Valcourt, a faction of the great Canadian Morin clan.

NOEL MORIN was born 29 August 1654 and died during adolescence.

CHARLES MORIN was born 29 Augues 1654 and died 4 October 1671.

MARIE MADELEINE MORIN was born 29 December 1656. She married Charles Cloutier in 1673.

Helene Desportes died at Sainte Genevieve Slope on 24 Jun 1675. After her death, on 30 October 1675, Jean-Baptiste agreed to supporting his elderly father on condition that the latter pay him 1,500 livres and half the income from the fief of Saint Luc. On the following day, all members of the family agreed to sell Charles Bazire all the property at Sainte-Genevieve for 3,000 livres.

Noel Morin, probably on a visit to the home of his son Alphonse, died at Riviere du sud, Montmagny on 10 January 1680. His funeral took place on 15 February 1680 in Quebec. He was buried in a small crypt at Saint Thomas and his funeral was held 5 days later. Alphonse, Jean-Baptiste and Gilles Rageot signed the registry of Notre Dame.

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