Thursday, May 8, 2008

Morin Coat of Arms

Heraldic Description

Azure background for the gold cross confined, to the one and four, four lily flowers applied with silver two and two; to the two and three, of two corn cobs of eight grains each, their stems joined surrounded by leaves, the whole made of gold, and as for their motto: Decide and accomplish".

The coats of arms of the Association des Morin d'Amérique have been the first to be granted to a family association in the Province of Quebec by the Canadian Heraldic Authority at Rideau Hall, Ottawa. May, the 18th, 1994; as entered in Volume II, page 325, in the public register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada.
  • GOLD denotes Generosity, Courage and Perseverance.

  • BLUE-GRAY symbolizes political science and therefore, the outstanding contribution of Morin to the municipal, provincial and federal politics.

  • KERNELS OF WHEAT symbolizes agriculture and remembers that most of our ancestors were land clearers and farmers. It symbolizes also the founding couples: 16 Morin settled in New France before the Treaty of Paris.

  • The CROSS reminds us of the first Canadian priest and the first Ville-Marie nun, born in New France, came from Morin families.

  • The 8 LILIES symbolize two things: First, that our Ancestors came mostly from France; and second that 8 of these families still have progenity in America.

Decide et accomplis [Decide and Achieve] is an invitation to Reflexion, Perfection and Achievement.