Thursday, May 8, 2008

Morin Coat of Arms

Heraldic Description

Azure background for the gold cross confined, to the one and four, four lily flowers applied with silver two and two; to the two and three, of two corn cobs of eight grains each, their stems joined surrounded by leaves, the whole made of gold, and as for their motto: Decide and accomplish".

The coats of arms of the Association des Morin d'Amérique have been the first to be granted to a family association in the Province of Quebec by the Canadian Heraldic Authority at Rideau Hall, Ottawa. May, the 18th, 1994; as entered in Volume II, page 325, in the public register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada.
  • GOLD denotes Generosity, Courage and Perseverance.

  • BLUE-GRAY symbolizes political science and therefore, the outstanding contribution of Morin to the municipal, provincial and federal politics.

  • KERNELS OF WHEAT symbolizes agriculture and remembers that most of our ancestors were land clearers and farmers. It symbolizes also the founding couples: 16 Morin settled in New France before the Treaty of Paris.

  • The CROSS reminds us of the first Canadian priest and the first Ville-Marie nun, born in New France, came from Morin families.

  • The 8 LILIES symbolize two things: First, that our Ancestors came mostly from France; and second that 8 of these families still have progenity in America.

Decide et accomplis [Decide and Achieve] is an invitation to Reflexion, Perfection and Achievement.


Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

This is a very attractive post. I hope you can continue to share your family history work some day.
Evelyn in Montreal

rfmorin said...

Our family name, Morin descended from a mulatto slave, Maria de los Santos Morin and her 18th c. owner, Josef Calixto Morín Mena- from a family of merchants originating in the Canary Islands before coming to Venezuela in the 17th century. As it was practiced then her fair descendants were granted freedom in each of their baptisms.

Anonymous said...

I am Andre Morins Grandaughter any info on him. My email address is please send any info to that email address. And I am from Indiana.

Anonymous said...

My name is Tracy Morin hart my grandfather I believe 9 th and Marguerite Maroue , or Michele guyon aka Dion id have to look at my tree but they are both my grandmothers well anyways , I am trying to connect with family and find more info. If you have any please send to my email address thanks tracy